Kettlebell Essentials


En ny video serie av RKC Master Max Shank.

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Kettlebell Essentials contains everything you could want to know about using kettlebells, from improving your own training to becoming a high level coach.

Kettlebells are an unmatched tool when used effectively. Each movement is broken down into simple components to ensure that you are getting the most of out your workout.

Your training should be tailored to suit YOU. Starting with the essential movements you will learn how to regress or advance each to fit your level, experience, and goals.

12 Week Program
This program incorporates the essential movements into full body workouts that will deliver results and keep you healthy for a lifetime of training. Consistency is key.

Coaching Cues
Coaching is an art. Learn how to deliver the essential cues without overwhelming your student. Become more clear and effective – in turn attracting more clients!

Joint Mobility
What is strength without a solid foundation? Learn drills to keep all of your joints healthy, allowing you to build strength and endurance beyond your expectations.

Passing the Snatch Test Guide
Nervous about passing the 5 Minute Snatch Test? Max has tested 100’s of coaches and knows exactly where many go wrong. Learn his smart training tips and pass the test with ease.


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