KBC FITNESS – It just make sense

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Just because you are fit and happy doesn’t mean the awesomeness should stop. So as a monthly member at KBC FITNESS  you get 20% discount at our webshop and on our own courses. Why? Because you are epic. Write KBC to get the discount.
Another member advantage is that if you refer a friend you will earn 10% of the membership your friend just bought. So if your friend buy’s a 6 month membership you will earn 10% of that value when you renew your own memebrship. This could actually mean that you could train for free and with a lot of friends, not bad. The maximum discount you can receive is for a 12 month membership.

This month we also have Max Shank in da house. He will instruct some of you at RKC but there will also be an event with Max the weekend before RKC. Stay tuned for further updates.