Oktober är Kavadlo månaden

Prenumerera på vårt Nyhetsbrev

Oktober är Kavadlo månaden


Årets PCC är 17-19 Oktober

Bröderna Kavadlo
För andra året i rad är Al och Danny Kavadlo på Kettlebell Center för att hålla ännu en PCC utbildning. Är du intresserad att ta din kroppsviktsträning till en ännu högre nivå så finns det platser kvar. Läs mer på vår sida PCC Sweden.
Om du inte vill lägga tre dagar så har vi en Bodyweight kurs den 25 Oktober. Då vi går igenom den grundläggande tekniken för kroppsviktsträning.

Vi har ett fantastiskt samarbete med löpexperterna Movement Health som nu har blivit ännu bättre. Så ska du springa Toughest den 18 Oktober så får du inte missa passen som vi håller med Movement Health. Vi höll ett pass igår för 45 Toughest deltagare där det blev löpning, sprints, farmers walk, crawling, monkey bars, hanging, box jumps och ultimate epicness. Detta är gratis för alla som springer Toughest. Vi kör nu igen på lördag den 11 oktober.

Obstacle Race
Eftersom alla älskar Obstacle race så kommer vi nu i på fredagar vid 1730 köra ett Obstacle race pass. Du anmäler dig som vanligt här.

Längre öppettider
Vi har lovat det och nu levererar vi lite mer. Inom de kommande veckorna så kommer vi utöka öppettiderna på vissa vardagar från 1400-2000. Det betyder att du kan svinga kettlebells och göra muscle-ups i sex timmar i sträck. Du kan dock inte köra själv när det är ett pass. Så vill du träna, handla från vår webshop eller bara hänga så är du mer än välkommen. Vi Löser Det Helt Enkelt.

I November kommer vi även köra en Clubbells workshop med Sveriges främsta expert Ola Lindblom. Vi har även börjat sälja clubbells och om du köper ett par 15lb clubbells så bjuder vi på kursavgiften. Missa inte detta tillfället. Den 2 november är kursen.
CST logo Clubbell Workshop
Glöm inte
Är du månadsmedlem så har du 20% rabatt i vår webshop. Rekommenderar du en vän att bli medlem hos oss så får du 10% rabatt av värdet på dins väns medlemskap när du förnyar ditt medlemskap.

Har du önskemål eller feedback hör av dig. Hoppas du orkade läsa allt men det händer ju en del.

Vi ses,
Kettlebell Center


Max Shank Bodyweight Workshop

Max L sit

On 23 of august from 0900-1200 Max Shank will be at KBC fitness, teaching us mere mortals the secrets of bodyweight training. Sign up on http://kbcfitness.se/kurser/ or send an email to info@kettlebellcenter.com . There are 15 spots available and the cost is 795 SEK, monthly members get the usual 20% discount.

Check out Max at www.maxshank.com and follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is a true athlete.


So you have watched Max in videos, epic pictures and read about his philosophies now it’s time to do it for real.

Max handstand on parallete

KBC FITNESS – It just make sense

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Just because you are fit and happy doesn’t mean the awesomeness should stop. So as a monthly member at KBC FITNESS  you get 20% discount at our webshop and on our own courses. Why? Because you are epic. Write KBC to get the discount.
Another member advantage is that if you refer a friend you will earn 10% of the membership your friend just bought. So if your friend buy’s a 6 month membership you will earn 10% of that value when you renew your own memebrship. This could actually mean that you could train for free and with a lot of friends, not bad. The maximum discount you can receive is for a 12 month membership.

This month we also have Max Shank in da house. He will instruct some of you at RKC but there will also be an event with Max the weekend before RKC. Stay tuned for further updates.



World Champion Bruno Carvalho at RKC

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We are proud to present 2009 World Champion Bruno Carvalho

We are very excited to have Bruno attending our RKC I this year. At the moment Bruno is in Thailand training but he took some time off to answer some of our questions about his training, philosophy and RKC. If you would like to attend RKC with Bruno please send an email to info@kettlebellcenter.com or check out www.rkcsweden.se. If you want to know more about Bruno, www.brunobccarvalho.com.

How were you introduced to MMA and what is your background?
I was born into a martial arts family, my grandpa is a grandmaster in BJJ and Judo and fought Vale Judo in the 50’s. Also my mom and all my uncles are black belts, it was just a natural process growing up in such a competitive environment.

You are in Thailand right now, what are you training for?
Yeah, I’m training with Team Quest Thailand, nothing schedule yet but I’m hoping to fight latest in September.

What are your achievements and what are you most proud of?
I have achieved black belt in Judo and Bjj, two tough sports which I have also competed at an international level. I also have a championship belt in MMA as the middle weight world champion at WFC.

How many matches do you fight a year?
I’m looking at about 3-4 matches a year but there have been years when I have fought 5 matches. There are also years when I have got 2 matches.  I try to keep active in Bjj, wrestling and also helping my friends, team mates and students to prepare for their fights

What is your next goal?
Short term is to become a RKC instructor, that’s something I’ve dreamed of for years. I’ll fight 2 more times this year and I will also fight for the Cage Warriors world title belt.

When did you start training with kettlebells?
Soon after I’ve moved to Sweden I lived in a city called Båstad where I trained with kettlebells before every fight. I got a 16kg and 24kg kettlebell  from my student Lasse and I also trained with an old friend Tobbe Hederberg (RKC and owner of FNF Helsinborg). I have trained with kettlebells since 2006. 

What do you think is the benefit with kettlebells?
I believe kettlebell training is for everyone, it’s an amazing training tool and it allows me or anyone to workout anywhere and improve strength, conditioning, burn fat and improve your movement. 

Do you have a favourite kettlebell exercise?
It has to be the snatch. The snatch is a great exercise, it will always keep you ready and in good shape for a fight. I also do a bunch of Turkish Get Ups and Clean-and-press.

You have been training with Senior RKC Fredrik Högström our senior instructor here at Kettlebell Center what did he help you with?
Yes, one of the best guys I’ve trained with for sure, a lot of knowledge. I remember when we first started to work a few days before a fight. He just helped me with the technic and adjusted my intensity and the win was obvious. He also helped me when I was recovering from an injury. I remember that I could press the 40kg kettlebell after that. Fredrik is a very good person, teacher and a great coach.

Would you recommend fellow athletes to take the RKC certification?
I recommend it to everyone.  It will also be a great step for fighters as it will prepare them for their own training.  It will also assist any fighter in their combat training and especially if they want to become a coach in the future. 

What do you think is the benefit of a small specialized gym like Kettlebell Center compared to other conventional gyms?
It’s so much fun working-out at Kettlebell Center compared to a conventional gym. Here you train free motions and strength, this is so important for your everyday activities. The training you do at Kettlebell Center is safe, it is personal, plus all the nice classes and great crew you have working there.

Why do you believe RKC can benefit you and other MMA fighters already advanced training?
I’m sure it will improve my training a lot and help me programming and customizing my workouts. As I said before it’ll help any fighter to understand their training, body movements and later on to be better coaches.

How is a normal training day for you?
Monday to Friday I’ll have 2 fight specific sessions a day including Jiujitsu, judo, wrestling, thai boxing, boxing. On Saturday I will usually do three sparring sessions and I’ll adjust my Kettlebell/strength and condition in there. I might also on Monday, Thursday and Saturday or Sunday just hit a complex after an easy session.

You are considered to be Sweden’s best MMA fighter but at the same time one of the most humble persons. 
I’m a Martial artist, I was born and raised at the highest level of competition.  Everyday I’m striving to get better and lead by example.

I also understand that you are a vegetarian which I think is great. How did you become a vegetarian and what advice can you give about nutrition?
Yeah, I started being a vegetarian when cutting weight before my fights, and I was feeling better every time. I started to realize that  this was the best way for me to perform. I also read a lot and checked some fellow fighters and it just made sense. My girlfriend is also a vegetarian which makes it easier at home. As advice I’d recommend everyone to feel what’s better for them. Start to cut dairy, grains and meat. You don’t have to cut it all at once but do it step by step. I am almost sure your energy levels will skyrocket and you won’t go back to meat.

Thank you Bruno you are the best. Good luck with your training and looking forward to see you at this year’s RKC.